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DIY Electronics Projects


We try to add  as many as  DIY Electronics projects into this page, If you would like to contribute and publish your designs or ideas please write to us. Please check back often and give us your suggestions.

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Stepper Motor Driver using L298 and L297 

Dual Stepper motor drivers using UDN2540      

Stepper Motor Driver using TEA3718/3717         

Microstepping stepper motor driver with PBM3960 and TEA3718        

More stepping motor driver circuits                                  

MD-4 8031 Microcontroller motor driver kit          

DC Motor Driver with L6203                                    

PWM DC motor control with SG3525                    

One component drives stepper motor                    

Four Channels RF transmitter and Receiver              

RF Wireless PWM DC motor Speed control         

Build this simple A/V wireless transmitter

Unidirectional RF wireless transmitting and receiving           

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