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Stepper Motor Controller Boards


MD-1 is a stand alone single uni-polar stepper motor driver board which utilized the Allegro UCN5804 chip. There are one input to turn on/off the motor and a  small trim pot controls the speed.

View the schematic, or  download the User manual in PDF format for more information.

A nice kit for the beginner who want to learn about the Stepper motor control.

MD-2  This board uses Intel 80C31 as a main stepper motor controller. The board comes with a schematic and sample programmed EPROM and source code. The firmware will allow you to control the stepper motors' start, stop, and running direction simultaneously. This board is perfect for student or any one who want to learn about the stepping motor control and the popular 8051 programming

You may download the User Manual in PDF format for more details


MD-3  is an AT89C2051 microcontroller board with Bipolar chopper stepper motor drive using TEA3718 chip. This is another low cost addition to our stepper motor driver boards. The schematic and sample program source code are included. Download the User Manual in PDF for more details. 

MD-5 a new addition to WZMicro's stepper motor controller board family, this board offers a short cut to get familiar with microstepping control. It is a complete system to drive the bipolar stepper motor in micro-stepping mode as well as the half step and full step modes. It is built around the Ericsson PBM3960 microstepping controller and TEA3718 motor drivers. A full schematic, documentation can be viewed and downloaded at our Projects Page


Description QTY Price  
MD-1 Stepper motor driver board 1 $15
MD-2 Stepper motor driver board 1 Out of stock  
MD-2A (includes MD-2 and two stepper motors) 1 Out of stock  
MD-3A Bipolar stepper motor driver board with programmed AT89C2051 1 Out of stock  
MD-3CKIT  Molex connector housing set w/12" wire lead for MD-3 board 1 $2
MD-5 Microstepping motor controller 1 $50



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