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Z80 Single Board computer


The SB8010 is a highly versatile SBC  comprised of a Z-80 microprocessor, 4 general purpose 28 pin sockets for byte-wide ROM and/or RAM chips, a Z-80 CTC counter-timer, and a serial I/O port (UART) using Intel's 8251. A bootstrap option is provided for loading an operating system into main memory using an on-board PROM.

Key Features

  • On-board memory can be mapped in various ways to match the memory chips selected. The mapping options are accomplished using a PROM. The user may install his won PROM if a different mapping is desired. However, the  six mappings provided should satisfy most users
  • The serial I/O chip uses the counter-timer chip as the clock source for both receiver and transmitter to that baud rate is programmable by software. RS232 buffers are provided for all the serial outputs and inputs. In an interrupt driven system, the serial chip (8251) uses the CTC as an interrupt controller, enabling the serial chip (8085 peripheral) to benefit from the sophisticated Z-80 interrupt scheme.
  • The CTC can also be used as an interrupt controller for external events as well as a general purpose counter and / or timer.
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SB8010 Z80 CPU Card and Full Documentation

1 $30

See also the SB8466 Multi-Mode Parallel Interface card, the great Add-on to this Z-80 SBC.

SB8466 Parallel Interface Board

The SB8466 Multi-mode parallel interface provides STD bus systems with six 8-bit parallel I/O ports, configurable into a combination of input and output ports. The SB8466 supports a variety of operating modes, including simple, strobed with interrupt, bidirectional and DMA. Three ports can be configured with open open collector output drivers, two ports are fixed input with buffers and resistor pull ups, one port has bidirectional drivers. It is easy to adapt and use with any other 8 bit microcontroller system.

Key Features

  • Single +5V operation
  • 48 lines of I/O plus handshakes
  • Useful for driving panel switches and indicators.
  • DMA modes for high speed block data transfer between STD bus system.
  • Flexible interrupts structure.
  • Inverting/none-inverting, active/open-collector drivers can be installed.
  • Pin out compatible with OPTO-22 I/O module racks.
  • Easy interface and adapt to any 8bit Microcontrollers (8051, PICs & Z80)


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SB8466 Multi-Mode Parallel interface card and Manual

1 $20

Combine The Z-80 SBC and SB8466 interface card, you will  have a full embedded controlled system, you can use it in any project you can think of, it is only limit to your imagination! .



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