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PIC Related Links

David Tait, Pics links and resources.

Dontronics H/W and S/W for PICs and Atmel Microcontrollers.

ProPic home page Nice PIC programmers.

Stamp Project of the Month If you are interested in the Scenix SX you might enjoy

Virtual Intergated Design useful collection of microcontroller RS-232 data acquisition circuits and code the RS232 Hex Com Tool program and the RS232M Com Monitor program. Both programs are excellent tools for RS232 development and troubleshooting

Electronic Circuits & Radio Controlled Modeling RS232 (software- & hardware-) communication routines, Dot matrix LCD driver routines , LCD data sheets & references. Projects: Precision digital altimeter for model airplanes. Several assembler source code listings. Automatic 16 bit Table Generator for MPLAB Assembler & RS232 Scope (Excel)

Free Microcontroller Software Tools an entire suite of Microcontroller development tools freely available including source code, so that people can program Microcontrollers using the platform and operating system of their choice..

Official home page for the MIT PICList by jamesmichaelnewton
FAQ and home page for the 1900 member MIT hosted PICList mailing list! Huge PIC FAQ, Code Library, Tutorials, sample projects, PICList archive and much more.

Universal Pic Resource Locator The UPRL, Universal Pic Resource Locator, is a complete list of PIC related sites on the web. Each site is sorted in a category and has a meaningful description.

Dunfield Development Systems C-FLEA, a Stamp workalike programmable in C.

Al-Fadly's PIC Resources To gather as much links as possible for the Microchip PIC, This is a page on my personal site.

Build it yourself PICs Programmer

Serial port programmers, idea by Eric Hermann

PicBlaster PIC Programmer, designed by Rolan Yang 
Linux serial port programmer, designed by Jaakko Hivatti

Other Designs

POHPPP - serial port based midrange PIC programmer with a simple ASCII interface, designed by Matthew J. Bennett 
Dontronics - PIC shop in Australia by Don Mckenzie  
Parallel Port - Programming Serial EEPROM 93C56, represented by Peter H. Anderson  

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