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Welcome to WZmicro

Our Mission: We provide low cost and high quality electronics components, Stepper Motor controllers, DC Motor Driver, Microstepping Controller, Z80 SBC , Stepper Motor driver ICs, RF wireless motor control, RF wireless modules, Remote control projects, RF transmitter, RF receiver modules and many DIY DC motor and stepper motor controllers projects for hobbyists and professionals.

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Stepper Motor Driver

This single unipolar stepper motor controller board unitizes Allegro UCN5804 single chip stepper motor driver, with on-board clock generator to control motor speed, and  On/Off motor control port. It is a simple affordable and cost saving for your project needs. Click here for more info.

See how one of our customers makes use of this board in their Roll scanner project. Use it to control the telescope rotation table and many more..

Only $15



This is a versatile Single Board Computer (SBC) comprised of Zilog Z-80 microprocessor, 4 general purpose 28 pin sockets for byte-wide ROM and/or RAM chips, a Z-80 CTC counter-timer, and a serial I/O port (UART) using Intel's 8251..

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Only $30



Stepper Motor Controller

This board offers a short cut to get familiar with microstepping Stepper motor control. It is a complete system to drive the bipolar stepper motor in micro-stepping mode as well as the half step and full step modes. This board is built around the Ericsson PBM3960 (NJR NJU39610) micro-stepping controller and TEA3718 motor driver. Click here for more info

8031 Microcontroller

Stepper motor Controller Kit

This is a dual stepper motor drivers with 8051 core microcontroller controlled board. With an on-board 5V regulator and utilizes Allegro UDN2540B driver IC which can handle up to 1.5A peak /phase. This is a good experiment board for learning about the 8051 programming and stepper motor control.

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Don't forget to visit our Projects page, we have many stepper motor controller projects, PWM DC motor control,  RF wireless motor control, 4 channels wireless remote control and many more will be added monthly. Come back and visit more often, book mark this site now.


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